Boeing Deep Space Transport Mars
Exploration panel 35SS
Phase 1 Gateway Lockheed Martin
Bridenstine Space Symposium
Bridenstine town hall
Pence speech Huntsville
Yutu- 2 Jan . 11, 2019 CLEP
Yutu- 2 Jan . 11, 2019 CLEP
PTScientists lander
The Chang’e-4 lander imaged by the Yutu-2 rover on the lunar far side. Credit: CLEP/CNSA
The Yutu-2 rover after deployment on the surface of the lunar farside. Credit: CLEP/CNSA
Astrobotic Technology Peregrine 1 lander concept. Credit: Astrobotic Technology
A year after President Donald Trump formally directed NASA to return humans to the moon in Space Policy Directive (SPD) 1, the agency has developed the outlines of a plan to carry that out, while emphasizing the language in the policy to do so in a “sustainable” manner and with international and commercial partners. Credit: NASA illustration
Beijing Aerospace Command and Control Center (BACC) on Dec. 12, 2018. Credit: CLEP

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