6th Global Moon Village Workshop & Symposium
New Worlds 2022

Call for Proposals to host the 2023 (7th) International Moon Village Workshop & Symposium in Asia


The workshop & symposium is the major annual forum organized by MVA. It is devoted to discussions of different aspects of the exploration and utilization of the Moon, and is focused on the most recent progress achieved by the MVA along the lin…

MoonMoon Village
China seeks new partners for lunar and deep space exploration
Startups to test advanced computing technology on lunar missions
NASA and China are eyeing the same landing sites near the lunar south pole
China targets permanently shadowed regions at lunar south pole
China to build a lunar communications and navigation constellation
On National Security | The moon emerging as the next frontier for military operations
Far side: the moon’s use as a new astronomical site
Industry proposals sought for ‘cislunar highway patrol’ satellite
Moon impact: Chinese rocket stage still in space says U.S. Space Command
Moon-bound rocket stage still most likely from 2014 Chang’e mission, despite China’s denial
A Chinese spacecraft is testing out a new orbit around the moon
Chinese rocket, not Falcon 9, linked to upper stage on lunar impact trajectory
India targets August launch for Chandrayaan-3 lunar lander
China presents space plans and priorities in new white paper
Israel becomes 15th nation to join Artemis Accords 
China’s new rocket for crewed moon missions to launch around 2026
Plus Ultra aims to provide communications infrastructure for incoming wave of moon missions

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