Airbus CEO Tom Enders presented the company's 2016 financial results during a webcast press conference Feb. 22.
OneWeb constellation in orbit
Kompsat-3A NYC Nov 4 2015
The European-built service module for NASA's Orion crew-transport vehicle will be three months late in shipping to the United States for test and integration by Orion prime contractor Lockheed Martin following a June 16 critical design review. Shipment has been rescheduled for April. Credit: Airbus
astrobotic peregrine lander
Biomass Airbus
OneWeb constellation infographic
The 5th and last European ATV cargo carrier leaves the international space station in July 2015. Credit: Airbus
Artist's concept of ESA's Jupiter Icy Moons, or Juice, mission. Credit: Airbus
Eurostar Neo contract signing
European space officials pose in with models of the AlphaSat and Sentinel-1A satellites in November 2014 at an event marking the start of laser-link testing. Credit: ESA/J.Mai

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