YLGH Major Sponsor of The Da Vinci Project

Wednesday, August 15, 2001 (Toronto, ON, Canada) – YourLogoGoesHere (YLGH)
is heading where no company has gone before. YourLogoGoesHere, a leader in
innovations with online customer service technology in Canada’s promotional
products industry, is pleased to announce its sponsorship of another
innovative venture – the Da Vinci Project.

The Da Vinci Project is the first Canadian entry vying to win the X PRIZE,
the international race to space. The X PRIZE Foundation will award $10
million (U.S.) to the first team to complete two manned trips to space on a
privately-funded spacecraft within a two-week period. The X PRIZE goal,
which has been endorsed by leading space and aviation organizations around
the world, is to jump-start the commercialization of space, including space
tourism. The X PRIZE Foundation (www.xprize.org ) is
based in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. There are 20 teams participating in the

The Da Vinci team’s prototype space vehicle will be on display at the August
30th, 2001 launch event of YourLogoGoesHere to be held at City Core Golf in
Toronto. Brian Feeney, team leader and astronaut, and other team members
will also be on hand to discuss the exciting initiative brought about
through this new sponsorship.

The website based company, YourLogoGoesHere, has accomplished a number of
its own ‘firsts’, moulded by Canadian ingenuity. These include developing
computer software that simplifies the ordering of customized promotional
products into an easy, three-step, 15-minute process, and securing the
participation of 98 percent of promotional merchandise companies in Canada
to offer more than 20,000 promotional products all on-line. YourLogoGoesHere
is the first Canadian company to offer an advanced level of online customer
service, online logo placement and zoom technology at various angles up to
600 dpi.

“Both YourLogoGoesHere and the Da Vinci Project highlight the amazing
talents and innovative spirit found in Canada,” says David McConnachie,
President and CEO of YourLogoGoesHere. “Whether we are looking to the skies
or improving technologies here on Earth, Canadians are proving again and
again that we have the ability to compete world-wide when it comes to
innovations that make our lives easier and more exciting. YourLogoGoesHere
is thrilled to be a part of Canada’s technological evolution by offering
Canadian businesses the ability to take control of their own branding
through promotional products, while exploring the enormous possibilities
that the Da Vinci Project has to offer all Canadians.”

“This announcement marks the first major sponsorship of the Da Vinci Project
and is an important step towards financing our mission. Our success relies
on forward thinking companies, such as YourLogoGoesHere, that support and
celebrate innovation and entrepreneurialism,” says Marc De Jordy, Operations
Director of the Da Vinci Project (www.davinciproject.com
). “We appreciate YLGH’s commitment to our
initiative and look forward to the mutual benefits derived from this

YourLogoGoesHere launched its advertising campaign, created by Padulo
Integrated, in June 2001 to coincide with its soft launch of the website,
and the main launch will hit full-force in September 2001. The company will
also be displaying its innovation as well as the Canadian rocket at the
Premiums and Incentives Show held at the Metro Convention Centre, September
12th to the 13th.

By uniting more than 200 Canadian promotional products suppliers via
YourLogoGoesHere, customers are now able to choose from an unprecedented
20,000 products – for the first time in Canada. YourLogoGoesHere has given
Canadian consumers control over how they brand themselves by offering them
the opportunity to make an informed decision from all available products.

YourLogoGoesHere is Canada’s leading promotional products company,
satisfying the marketing and branding requirements of Canada’s $1.2 billion
promotional industry. The company has applied and branded ‘best-of-breed’
technology solutions to deliver the country’s only streamlined procurement
process for promotional products. In less than a year, YourLogoGoesHere has
delivered a critical mass of clients, partners and suppliers, and is
expanding the brand footprint into retail and franchises throughout Canada
and the U.S.


For more information contact:
Dani Stern or Maimu Mölder – WIRE COMMUNICATIONS
Tel: 416-222-9164 / fax: 416-222-9659
E-mail: dani@wirecommunications.ca; maimu@wirecommunications.ca

Marc De Jordy -The Da Vinci Project
Tel: 416-631-6540 / Fax: 416-631-8009
E-mail: mdejordy@davinciproject.com