Intelsat General Corp. of Bethesda, Md., has purchased 16 MHz of X-band satellite communications capacity from satellite operator Xtar LLC of Rockville, Md., according to a Nov. 3 Xtar press release.

Xtar operates one X-band geostationary communications satellite and an X-band communications payload on another geostationary satellite that together provide coverage over most of the world excluding the Pacific Ocean.

Intelsat General, which provides communications service to the U.S. government, bought 16 MHz of the total 576 MHz available on the Xtar-Lant satellite positioned over the Atlantic Ocean, Xtar spokeswoman Lisa Koppel said. It was the first sale made through a master sales agreement that the two companies signed in May, the press release said.

Koppel declined to provide the length or value of the contract.