Hughes, Inmarsat urge FCC restrictions on subsidized C-band satellites
Intelsat orders four satellites from Maxar, two from Northrop Grumman, for C-band clearing
Spaceflight Industries completes rideshare divestiture
SES weeks away from ordering six C-band satellites
Intelsat asks bankruptcy court to clear roadblock for Spaceflight launch business sale
Intelsat, SES to participate in FCC’s $9.7B C-band program • OneWeb says it wants 48,000 satellites
Op-ed | An unexpected effect: the industry’s recent challenges prove the importance of space
Intelsat aiming to cut debt in half through bankruptcy
Webinar Replay | Intelsat’s Bankruptcy: Why Now and What’s Next
Intelsat declares bankruptcy as means to fund C-band spectrum clearing
Maxar announces multi-satellite GEO order as pandemic crimps quarter 
Shareholder urges Intelsat to avoid defaulting into bankruptcy
Speedcast files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy 
Intelsat-901 satellite, with MEV-1 servicer attached, resumes service
Thales Alenia Space to build two prototype satellites for constellation venture
Gogo pursuing satellite contract changes as coronavirus dampens demand

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