Partnerships on Parade

Stephanie McClellan, reporting for Imperative Space, interviews some of the key players announcing significant partnerships at this year’s UK Space Conference, including Ismael Lopez, Managing Director of Deimos Space on their recent agreement with Urthecast, and Magali Vaissiere from ESA on the new Quantum platform.

Highlighting a Decade of UK Space Sector Growth

The UK’s space sector has experienced tremendous growth and success in the last decade. In this video, McClellan reviews some of the highlights from this year’s UK Space Conference.

We hear from the new Director General of ESA on trends in the European space sector, updates on the ExoMars Rover from senior spacecraft engineer Abbie Hutty of Airbus Defence and Space, and a perspective from the UK Space Agency on the prospects for furthering the UK sector’s growth.

Video coverage of the 2015 UK Space Conference was produced by Imperative Space in partnership with