Corporation, a world leader in satellite network support
and control solutions, announced today that it has been awarded a
one-year, $24.3 million contract option to provide operations,
maintenance and support services to the U.S. Air Force Satellite
Control Network (AFSCN) and Global Positioning System (GPS) ground
network. The latest Operational Space Services and Support (OSSS)
award brings the total current contract value to date for Harris to
over $50 million, with options for five additional years that could
increase the overall value to $202 million.

The OSSS contract calls for Harris and its teammates to operate
and perform organizational level maintenance at all ground stations
assigned to the AFSCN and GPS. The ground stations are in such diverse
locations as Thule, Greenland; Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean
Territory; New Boston, New Hampshire; and other geographically
separated locations. The initial contract focuses on the remote
locations, providing antenna operations and maintenance, GPS site
software and hardware support, training, security, and management
services. Beginning in the third year of the contract, satellite
orbital analysis and technical assistance support at Schriever AFB,
Colorado, will be added to the contract. Harris Technical Services
Corporation (HTSC) will execute the contract on behalf of Harris

“We’re very pleased that the U.S. Air Force continues to rely on
Harris to provide value-added technical services where performance is
absolutely critical and core to the success of its satellite control
networks,” said Bob Henry, president, Harris Government Communications
Systems Division (GCSD).

HTSC, headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, is a wholly owned
subsidiary of Harris Corporation and reports through Harris GCSD. HTSC
provides engineering and technical support solutions for prime
contractors, the Department of Defense, and other government agencies

Harris GCSD conducts advanced research studies, develops
prototypes, and produces and supports state-of-the-art, highly
reliable communications and information systems that solve the
mission-critical communications challenges of its military and
government customers, as well as provides the technology base for the
company’s diverse commercial businesses.

Harris Corporation is an international communications equipment
company focused on providing product, system, and service solutions
that take its customers to the next level. The company provides a wide
range of products and services for wireless, broadcast, network
support, and government markets. Harris has sales and service
facilities more than 90 countries. Additional information about Harris
Corporation is available at http://www.harris.com.