Starburst announces 15 finalists to pitch ideas to U.S. and U.K. defense agencies
DoD space agency driving Pentagon contractors to rethink their price points
L3Harris, SpaceX win Space Development Agency contracts to build missile-warning satellites
L3Harris gets $119 million Space Force contract for deep-space telescopes
Air Force Research Laboratory’s NTS-3 satellite to launch on ULA’s Vulcan
Veteran manufacturers question pricing strategy of newcomers
Manufacturers worry about smallsats getting too hot, literally
L3Harris cleared to begin production of Air Force NTS-3 navigation satellite
L3Harris developing a constellation of small spy satellites for U.S. Air Force
L3Harris wins NOAA weather constellation study contracts
Ball Aerospace wins NOAA weather instruments study contracts
L3Harris to begin pre-launch work on ‘Wide Field of View’ missile defense satellite
NOAA awards first contracts for future satellite constellation
L3Harris, Raytheon each win $500 million contracts for military satcom modems
L3Harris redesigns reflector antenna for small satellite market