View the webinar with transcript: Intelsat’s Bankruptcy: Why Now and What’s Next

Intelsat filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection May 13 in hopes that restructuring will position the No. 2 satellite operator to win nearly $5 billion from an FCC spectrum program. The company flies roughly 50 satellites and generates around $2 billion in annual revenue, but has labored for years under a crushing $15 billion debt load.

Questions to be addressed in this webinar:

  • Can Intelsat emerge from bankruptcy a healthier company?
  • What impact will Intelsat’s bankruptcy have on the FCC’s C-band clearing program?
  • What are the broader implications for an industry accustomed to building and launching a steady stream of satellites for Intelsat?

SpaceNews Editor-in-Chief Brian Berger and Staff Writer Caleb Henry were joined by a panel of veteran analysts.

  • Armand Musey, President, Summit Ridge Group
  • Giles Thorne, Managing Director, TMT Equity Research, Jefferies Financial Group
  • Nathan de Ruiter, Managing Director, Euroconsult Canada