November 22, 2001. Korolev, Moscow area.

Russian Aviation and Space Agency and Rocket and Space Corporation Energia
have made a decision to provide two space mission opportunities on board
Soyuz in 2003 under MirCorp program.
Taking part in the 2003 missions will be winners of a TV game show, which
will be a joint production of MirCorp and an international TV corporation
Image World Media, Inc. (OTC:MAXD).
The game show winners are to become crewmembers of "taxi" missions to ISS
lasting 8-10 days, or to perform a free-flying space mission, if, for some
reason, ISS is not able to receive the contestants.
Preliminary agreements setting up the framework for the project
implementation have already been concluded and received endorsements from
Rosaviacosmos Director General Yu.N.Koptev and RSC Energia President
Yu.P.Semenov. The parties are planning to sign detailed contracts in the
nearest future. RSC Energia and MirCorp ( have a good
cooperation experience in joint commercial projects on-board Mir space
station, which will be drawn upon in this new project. Image World Media,
Inc. specializes in production and distribution of various media programs
using all kinds of hardware platforms: traditional TV programs, movies, and
This project is a part of MirCorp business model to be implemented on-board
of the Small Commercial Orbital Station which is currently in the phase of
design implementation studies by Rosaviacosmos, RSC Energia and MirCorp in
accordance with a joint resolution dated August 24, 2001.