Russia escalates rhetoric on commercial satellites, calls them ‘legitimate targets for retaliation’
War in Ukraine shifts priorities among European government agencies
South Korea seeks $32.9 million to launch satellites grounded by Russia sanctions
China seeks new partners for lunar and deep space exploration
Op-ed | Sealing the ISS Airlock Behind Putin
On National Security | Drawing lessons from the first ‘commercial space war’
ISS partnership feeling some effects of sanctions on Russia
Connecting the Dots | Freeing speech from space: Satellite operators under pressure to squelch propaganda
Op-ed | Russia’s war could spread to space; the U.S. should be prepared
South Korea “welcomes” U.S. moratorium on anti-satellite missile tests; China skeptical
Op-ed | How Russia’s war with Ukraine jams NASA
Russian invasion of Ukraine exposes cybersecurity threat to commercial satellites
International talks on space norms to continue but U.S. will not engage directly with Russia
Soyuz embargo strands satellites with limited launch options
UK bans space-related exports to Russia
The ending of an era in international space cooperation
Op-ed | Russian Invasion of Ukraine Reinforces the Urgency of Fixing U.S. Satellite Vulnerability by 2027
Satellite images show Russia’s troop movements but can they reveal intent?
Russian sanctions throw South Korean satellite missions into uncertainty
Russia looks to China for collaboration in space but faces isolation over Ukraine invasion

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