THINKFilm has acquired North American rights to IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOON, a documentary directed by award-winning filmmaker David Sington that brings together the surviving crew members from the Apollo missions to tell their stories by interweaving stunning archival footage with first-hand testimony. The deal was announced by the company’s President and CEO, Jeff Sackman, who plans to release the film in theatrical engagements in 2007 in association with Discovery Films.

IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOON is an intimate epic, which vividly communicates the daring and the danger, the pride and the passion, of this extraordinary era in American history. Between 1968 and 1972, the world watched in awe each time an American spacecraft voyaged to the Moon. Only 12 American men walked upon its surface and they remain the only human beings to have stood on another world. Now for the first, and very possibly the last, time, IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOON combines archival material from the original NASA film footage, much of it never before seen, with interviews with the surviving astronauts, including Jim Lovell (Apollo 8 and 13), Dave Scott (Apollo 9 and 15), John Young (Apollo 10 and 16), Gene Cernan (Apollo 10 and 17), Mike Collins (Apollo 11), Buzz Aldrin (Apollo 11), Alan Bean (Apollo 12), Edgar Mitchell (Apollo 14), Charlie Duke (Apollo 16) and Harrison Schmitt (Apollo 17). The astronauts emerge as eloquent, witty, emotional and very human.

IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOON features exclusive NASA film footage including astonishing space shots re-mastered from the original film rolls to reveal the Apollo program with a visual clarity and impact it has never had before. The mute 16mm rolls shot in Mission Control have been painstakingly lip-synced with the 16-track audio recordings of the mission controllers’ voice loop to re-unite the pictures and sound of many historic moments for the first time, lending a striking immediacy to many dramatic scenes.

“I am thrilled to be working with THINKFilm,” says director Sington. “We share the same vision for this film and I am confident that we will be able to bring it to a very wide audience in North America so that everyone can share the magic of Apollo.”

THINKFilm’s Head of U.S. Theatrical, Mark Urman, adds, “Everything about IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOON is grand — its emotion, its size and scale, and its audience appeal. We are excited to be involved with a film that has this much quality and this much potential.”

And Billy Campbell, president of Discovery Networks, U.S., says, “Discovery Films is thrilled to collaborate with THINKFilm to bring IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOON’S inspirational and important messages to audiences across the nation.” IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOON is directed by David Sington, produced by Duncan Copp, co-produced by Chris Riley, executive produced by Simon Andreae, John Battsek and Julie Goldman, with original music by Philip Sheppard, cinematography by Clive North, and editing by David Fairhead. Following its theatrical engagement, IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOON will have its television premiere on Discovery Channel and Discovery HD Theater.

The deal was negotiated by Urman, Randy Manis, THINKFilm Executive Vice President of Acquisitions and Business Affairs, and Michael Baker, THINKFilm Vice President of Acquisitions, and CAA and Submarine with executive producer Simon Andreae on behalf of the filmmakers.

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