The ILA 2002 international aerospace exhibition takes place between Monday
6 and Sunday 12 May at Berlin Schoenefeld Airport. As in the past ESA, DLR
(the German Space Agency) and the German space industry, under the
umbrella of BDLI (German Aerospace Industries Association), will be
present for trade visitors and the general public with an impressive
exhibition in
Hall 2.

1600 square metres of European space activities ranging from space
science, Earth observation, telecommunications, satellite navigation,
launchers, the International Space Station to industrial matters and
technology programmes.

Activities for the media, the trade and the general public

To address the media, the trade and the general public, a stage set up in
the Space Hall will host various kinds of presentations/events throughout
the week.

Media activities

On 3 May, a few days before the opening of ILA, the media are invited to
attend a press conference starting at 09:30 at the Ministry of Education
and Research in Berlin with Mrs Edelgard Bulmahn, Minister for Education
and Research and Chair of the ESA Ministerial
Council, Antonio Rodotà, Director General of ESA, and Sigmar Wittig,
Chairman of the Executive Board of DLR. For further information on this
event call Florian Frank, Ministry of Education and Research, Berlin, tel.
+49 30 28540 5322.

From Monday 6 May, the opening day, interviews with ESA directors, top
management, programme specialists and astronauts can be arranged
throughout the week at the Space Hall. To book your interview opportunity,
please complete the attached form and return it by Monday 29 April 2002 at
the latest.

Activities for trade visitors and the media

On the afternoon of Monday 6 May (opening day) at 14:30, the German
Chancellor will officially open ILA in Hall 3 and will later visit the
Space Hall (15:35-15:50).

In the morning of Tuesday 7 May, a group of Ambassadors resident in Berlin
will visit the Space Hall. ESA, DLR and industry representatives will give
short presentations.

On the afternoon of 7 May, from 14:00 to 16:00 hrs, a symposium on the
International Space Station will be held. An interesting opportunity for
the media to take stock of the current situation with the ISS and to learn
more about commercialisation of the Station.

A presentation with members of the European Astronaut Corps will take
place between 16:00 and 17:00 hrs.

In the evening (from 19:00 hrs) a brand new film production on the
International Space Station will be screened in two IMAX theatres in
central Berlin.

On Wednesday 8 May (11:00-13:00), ESA and industry specialists will hold a
debate on relations between the space industry and ESA for the trade and
the media.

Stage presentations for the general public and the media

From Thursday 9 May (first public day) to Sunday 12 May, the stage will
host two series of presentations lasting one hour each, one in the morning
and one in the afternoon.

Each series will cover subjects such as satellite navigation, Earth
observation, launchers, human spaceflight and microgravity, space science
and astronauts. A professional anchorman will conduct the presentations
on stage.


Twice a day whenever possible (once in the morning and once in the
afternoon) a special video link will be set up between ASTRIUM/Bremen,
where ESA’s Columbus module for the International Space Station is being
integrated, and the Space Hall at ILA. The video transmission will be
produced in three-dimensional format. The 3D effect is perceived by
wearing special glasses when watching standard TV monitors or the
projection screen.

Programme managers in Bremen will take remote visitors at the Space Hall
through a guided tour of the real Columbus module and reply to questions
from the public. ESA specialists and a professional anchorman will conduct
the event.

More information on ILA at or

For further information, please contact :

ESA Media Relations

Tel. + 33 1 5369 7155

Fax. + 33 1 5369 7690

ILA-Berlin 6-12 May
Request for Interview(s)  with ESA management/specialists

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I wish to interview an ESA specialist on the following subject(s):

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(  ) Space science - please specify project(s) ___________________

(  ) Telecommunications

(  ) Satellite navigation (Galileo)

(  ) Earth Observation (Envisat, ERS)

(  ) Launchers

(  ) International Space Station

(  ) Commercialisation of ISS

(  ) Astronauts

(  ) Industrial Matters and Technology Programmes

(  ) Other (please specify subject) _____________________

preferably on __________  May (please indicate date).
N.B : Interviewees will mainly be available on 6,7 and 8 May.


Return this form by Monday 29 April at the latest to:
Brigitte Kolmsee, ESA Media Relations, Paris - Fax +33(0)