White House nominates NOAA administrator, NASA CFO
Space industry relieved to see National Space Council retained
Widespread support for Nelson nomination to lead NASA
White House not making near-term plans to nominate a NASA administrator
Perseverance landing wins broad political praise
White House endorses Artemis program
White House executive order promotes development of space and defense nuclear power systems
White House releases space nuclear power strategy
Trump administration’s national space policy formalizes Space Force role
White House memo adds low Earth orbit research as R&D priority
White House withdraws nomination of FCC commissioner O’Rielly
NASA invited to White House to present coronavirus projects
White House looks for international support for space resource rights
White House warns Congress about Artemis funding
House passes spending bills to end shutdown
White House report: Defense industry faces ‘unprecedented challenges,’ China’s ‘economic aggression’ a threat to national security
NASA to study converting centers into FFRDCs
New policy directive implements commercial space regulatory reforms
New National Space Strategy emphasizes “America first” policies
White House resubmits NASA and NOAA nominations

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