Australia’s military including commercial capacity in its satellite communications plans
Military satcom RFI expected in next few weeks, Air Force announces
ULA successfully launches Air Force satcom satellite into orbit
Air Force ready to offer commercial operators spots for WGS partnership effort, general says
ULA delays launch of Air Force satellite due to Delta 4 booster issue
Pentagon starts ball rolling on wideband satcom study
Boeing, Engility get holiday contracts from the Air Force
WGS-8 successfully lifts off from Cape Canaveral
Pentagon ready to launch first upgraded WGS satellite
Canada says military satcom negotiations with U.S. are much improved
U.S. defense officials say partnership with allied satcom systems is a priority
Canadian Forces seeks bids for portable Wideband Global Satcom terminals
U.S. Air Force awards contracts for new waveform demonstrations
Winston Beauchamp on what DoD is looking for in new satellite programs
COMSATCOM Pathfinder funds withheld in Senate draft defense bill
Op-ed | Paving a pathway to resilient satellite operations
Air Force swaps final WGS satellite into ULA’s block-buy contract
Pentagon: Narrowband? Wideband? Just call them communications satellites
U.S. Air Force considering three more WGS communications satellites
WGS Operations Outsourcing Plan Attracts Range of Companies

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