International weather agencies object to 5G spectrum decision
FCC budget endorses spectrum sharing with weather satellites
5G trumps meteorology as FCC rebuffs NASA, NOAA call to halt auction
GAO takes weather satellite program off watch list
New concerns about U.S. Central Command’s access to weather satellite data
Harris says its weather sensors fit Air Force budget, schedule
Raytheon says VIIRS could meet DoD weather requirements without further development
The still-unrealized promise of commercial Earth science data
Op-ed | America’s critical dependence on satellite-based services – and the regulatory threats they face
Harris Corp. eyes commercial applications for miniature hyperspectral sensor
With JPSS-1 bound for orbit, forecast calls for a sigh of relief
Trump administration planning to cut NOAA weather satellite programs
NOAA sees smallsats as good gap fillers for weather system
House passes bill that would send weather satellites to NRO
U.S. Air Force to award weather sensor contract next year
U.S. Air Force’s long-term weather strategy relies heavily on allies

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