L3Harris and Raytheon win contracts to define future geostationary imagers
Op-ed | DoD weather capabilities have lagged; Space Force can turn that around
DoD focus on climate could shape future investments in weather satellites
ClimaCell to launch dozens of radar satellites to improve forecasts
NOAA proposes future geostationary constellation with East, West and Center satellites
BAE Systems shrinks weather sensors for microsatellites
SpaceX to explore ways to provide weather data to U.S. military
Space Force says it has a plan to fix gaps in weather data
Brandywine Photonics conducts design study of constellation of hundreds of small weather satellites
NOAA continues to explore options for future weather satellite architecture
NOAA’s former satellite now providing weather data to the U.S. military
General Atomics to design Space Force weather satellite prototype
Raytheon designs prototype for Space Force weather satellite
L3Harris wins NOAA weather constellation study contracts
Ball Aerospace wins NOAA weather instruments study contracts

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