Blue Canyon Technologies to build microwave satellites
Lockheed Martin and Maxar win weather satellite contracts
Orbion to supply propulsion for General Atomics weather satellite
Ball and Raytheon win weather instrument study contracts
Proposed constellations would enhance Arctic weather observations
General Atomics and Orion Space win contracts for military weather satellites
EO Vista imaging sensor for Space Force weather satellites passes design review
NOAA to move new weather satellite quickly into position
Raytheon wins $67 million U.S. Space Force contract to build weather satellite prototype wins Air Force funding for weather satellite constellation
Ball Aerospace and L3Harris win weather instrument study contracts
Space Force delays selection of weather satellites
Op-ed | The costs of extreme weather and climate are soaring. Commercial space data should be a bigger part of the solution
NOAA to take first step toward a small satellite constellation
New study calls for ‘national dialogue’ on future environmental satellites
NOAA’s next constellation could reveal more than weather
Connecting the Dots | The growing market for weather bets
Op-ed | Arming warfighters with advanced weather systems: What must happen next
L3Harris and Raytheon win contracts to define future geostationary imagers
Op-ed | DoD weather capabilities have lagged; Space Force can turn that around

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