U.S. Air Force turns to industry to plug weather satellite gaps
Report Adds to Confusion Over U.S. Air Force Weather Plans
Launch of GOES-R Satellite Delayed Six Months
ESA, Eumetsat Finalize Contract for Next-gen Weather Satellites
Construction Begins on CYGNSS Storm-watching Smallsats
Air Force Seeks Info on Space Weather Sensor
Editorial | Tough Love: Bill Seeks Needed Clarity on Pentagon’s Weather Sat Strategy
Indian Ocean Coverage Gap Forces U.S. Air Force’s Hand on DMSP-F20
Eumetsat Disputes U.S. Air Force Claim that It Reversed Itself on Indian Ocean Coverage
Shipment of Northrop-built JPSS Instrument Delayed until Fall
Proposed Bill Language Puts Brakes on Weather Satellite Program, Clarifies RD-180 Ban
U.S. Air Force Hopes To Wring Some Utility from Balky SENSE Nanosats
Editorial | When It Rains It Pours
Ball Sensor for S. Korean Sat Passes Design Review
Pentagon Says It Will Not Rely on Russian or Chinese Weather Satellites
U.S. Air Force Eyes 2018 Launch of Gap-filler Weather Satellite

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