Seraphim Capital, Noosphere Ventures invest in D-Orbit
Descartes Labs raises $20 million to create Earth’s digital twin
HawkEye 360 raises $70 million Series B financing
UbiquitiLink raises $12 million for communications satellites
Op-Ed |  Preserving NewSpace innovation while championing M&A in our ecosystem
Investors cautiously optimistic about continued space industry growth
Space startup investments continued to rise in 2018
QuadSat drones test satellite antennas
Momentus raises $8.3 million for last-mile spacecraft delivery
“Golden period” for space startup investment continues
ICEYE raises another $34 million for radar satellites
Investor interest in space companies remains strong despite no big deals
Venture capitalist takes leave of absence from SpaceX board
500 new space startups by 2025? The Founder Institute wants to make that happen.
Rocket Lab raises $75 million to scale up launch vehicle production

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