Op-ed | Exiting space: New era, new options
Investors see multiple avenues for space sector exits
Space industry investment continues to grow
Astroscale raises $51 million in Series E, $191 million overall
Space industry rebounds from pandemic
Iceye raises $87 million in Series C investment round
Indian Earth observation startup Pixxel raises $5 million
Startups in U.K., Switzerland, led Europe in space investment last year
Venture capital is pulling back but Voyager is ‘in for the long run’
Op-ed | An unexpected effect: the industry’s recent challenges prove the importance of space
Op-ed | What the government should or should not do to help space industry
Treasury unlikely to change rule that disqualifies space startups from relief loans
Slingshot Aerospace gets $3 million from Air Force, private investors for data analytics technology
Startup financing flourished in 2019 with no sign of slowing
EU to invest 200 million euros into space industry

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