Electron ELaNa-19 launch
Space equity investments tallied $18 billion from 2009 to 2018, with roughly $3 billion of that total invested last year alone, according to Space Angels. Credit: Space Angels
In the foreground, Andrian Buchi, QuadSat co-founder and chief technology officer, programs the QuadSAT drone for satellite antenna testing. Credit: QuadSat
This is an artist's rendering of Fervoride, Momentus' space tug to move spacecraft, including telecommunications satellites and deep space missions, to their desired orbits. Credit: Momentus
Porteous WSBW
This is an artist's rendering of ICEYE-X2, a satellite ICEYE plans to launch on Space Exploration Technology's rideshare mission to Sun Synchronous Orbit. ICEYE's X2 antenna is twice the size of its antennas for X1, the first satellite the Finnish company launched in January. Credit: ICEYE
SpaceX conducts its 16th launch of 2017, delivering  Koreasat-5A to orbit Oct. 30.  Its planned 17th launch of the year, a classified payload dubbed Zuma, has been delayed past Thanksgiving by a fairing issue. (SpaceX)
DFJ's Steve Jurvetson speaking at the EIE2017 conference in Scotland earlier this month. Credit: Steve Jurvetson/Flickr
SkySats in orbit
investment panel
SpaceNews graphic by Brian Berger
Mark Boggett, Seraphim Capital's managing director. Credit:  Seraphim Capital
Spire Chief Executive Peter Platzer
Scott Nolan

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