Stellar Ventures unveils $23 million early-stage fund
Aerospacelab to build “megafactory” in Belgium
Okapi:Orbits raises 5.5 million euros in seed funding round
Capella raises $97 million to expand radar constellation
Boeing eyes investment candidates at Satellite 2022
CesiumAstro raises $60 million in Series B funding round
Xplore banks $16.2 million for space-as-a-service
Destinus raises $29 million for hypersonic plane
Sateliot raises 10 million euros in Series A round
Near Space Labs to offer 10-centimeter resolution imagery
Iceye raises $136 million in Series D round
Type One Ventures raises investment target
Fleet Space raises $26.4 million in Series B round
Hydrosat raises $10 million for thermal infrared imagery constellation
On National Security | What Space Force looks to learn from venture investors
HawkEye 360 raises $145 million in Series D round
SpaceFund to invest in navigation system for cislunar space 
TrustPoint raises $2 million for GPS alternative
VC firm Embedded Ventures signs cooperative agreement with U.S. Space Force
Planet co-founder Chris Boshuizen to fly with Blue Origin

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