Vega C debut slips to mid-2021
Arianespace launches Vega on return-to-flight mission with 53 smallsats
Yahsat hires new CFO • Vega launch delayed to August • Tim Peake joins Skyrora advisory board
Avio seeking to compress Vega launch delays
Guiana Space Center launches to resume in June
Synspective shifts launch of first satellite to Rocket Lab
Avio, exempt from Italy’s coronavirus lockdown, seeks reopening of French Guiana spaceport
UAE’s Falcon Eye 2 satellite switched from Vega to Soyuz
Arianespace could launch record 22 missions in 2020
Swiss startup ClearSpace wins ESA contract to deorbit Vega rocket debris
ESA setting aside funds for Vega launcher return to flight 
Avio anticipates Vega C upgrade funding at ESA ministerial, Vega return to flight in March
SpaceX says rideshare missions will launch on time, even if partly empty
Arianespace reveals manifest, notes launch market variety
Second stage blamed as Vega targets early 2020 return to flight
Space insurer Swiss Re leaves market

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