Italy to increase space projects with “mirror programs” of European agencies
Arianespace Vega launch fails, Emirati satellite lost
Avio gets ESA assurance for transition missions from Vega to Vega C
Arianespace completes manifest for Vega dedicated rideshare mission
Arianespace Vega launches Italian imaging satellite
Vega rocket-builder Avio sees revenue jump, new rockets progressing
Vega C debut slips to 2020
GHGSat to accelerate business plan
Arianespace targets 12 launches this year, more counting OneWeb, Vega C debut
Arianespace Vega launches second Moroccan Earth-observation satellite
Arianespace Vega launches long-awaited Aeolus wind-mapping satellite
Vega’s long-awaited (small) successes
D-Orbit to launch 10 Astrocast satellites on Vega rocket
Eurockot conducts final Rockot mission with Sentinel-3B satellite
Avio eyes larger chunk of smallsat launch market
Spaceflight books launch slots on two Arianespace Vega missions

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