U.S. Air Force to begin transferring space situational awareness data to Commerce Department
Air Force Chief Goldfein: To win in space, U.S. must work closer with allies
India ASAT debris spotted above 2,200 kilometers, will remain a year or more in orbit
ExoAnalytic, NorthStar E&S team up on space situational awareness
U.S. military was immediately aware of India’s anti-satellite missile test
LEO startup raises $39.5 million for constellation to watch Earth and space
Air Force launches $100K challenge for ‘space awareness innovators’
Air Force eyes commercial options to gain intelligence on space threats
Defense Department turning over space traffic management to Commerce, but details still unclear
NGA assembles jigsaw puzzle of diverse commercial, government geospatial data sets
Air Force and NRO forge close ties overall and for SSA
International SSA agreements could pave the way for further space cooperation, panelists said
FCC commissioner questions regulator’s omission from National Space Council
Help wanted to operate and maintain Air Force deep space telescopes
Military’s focus on space a boon for cloud, IT companies
Space situational awareness experts urge Russia to join orbital neighborhood watch

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