Comspoc embraces startup mentality after AGI spinoff
U.S. Space Command announces improvements in space debris tracking
L3Harris gets $119 million Space Force contract for deep-space telescopes
European Commission agrees to reduced space budget
U.S. Space Command signs space data sharing agreement with Peru
U.S. Space Force deploying surveillance telescope in Australia
Palantir to provide data and software services to U.S. Space Force
FCC urged to delay vote on new space debris regulations
Op-ed | The FCC’s space safety order: we all need to mitigate collision risk
Numerica expands space surveillance services aimed at satellite operators
Solar array problem killed Venezuela’s VeneSat-1, officials confirm
ArianeGroup expands GEOTracker telescope network • ITU forms info sharing platform for network resilience
Venezuela’s flagship communications satellite out of service and tumbling
L3Harris wins $1.2 billion contract to maintain, upgrade space surveillance systems
U.S. Space Command eager to hand over space traffic duties to Commerce Department

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