NorthStar Earth and Space's planned 40-satellite constellation will use hyperspectral and infrared cameras to monitor Earth, and optical cameras to monitor space. Credit: NorthStar Earth and Space
agi expo
agi expo
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agi expo
agi expo
China ASAT test debris
States must put more pressure on spacefaring nations to prevent and mitigate the creation of space debris. Credit: Paul Fleet
Chirag Parikh
Gen. John W. “Jay” Raymond, who leads Air Force Space Command, emphasized close coordination with the National Reconnaissance Office during an April 18 press briefing.
Representatives from the United States, Brazil, Japan, Denmark and Norway discussed plans to share Space Situational  Awareness data at the 34th Space Symposium. Credit: Tom Kimmel
Jessica Rosenworcel FCC
The GEODSS facility at Diego Garcia is one of three operational sites world-wide. The facility tracks known man-made deep space objects in orbit around earth.

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