Spaceport America Seeks To Diversify Customer Base and Revenue Streams
SN Blog | A Highway’s Ending Is a Spaceport’s Beginning
SpaceX Breaks Ground on Texas Spaceport
FAA Awards Spaceport License to Texas Airport
AsiaSat Finds Red Tape Mires Launches from Cape Canaveral Spaceport
Commentary | So You Want To Build a Spaceport
Logjam at European Spaceport Puts Arianespace in a Ticklish Spot

VIDEO | Minotaur Rocket Lofts 29 Satellites from Virginia Spaceport


Astrotech reported higher revenue and operating profit for the three months ending Sept. 30 compared to a year ago on the strength of increased launch services to commercial customers.

Launch MinotaurMissionsspaceportVirginia
Minotaur Rocket Lofts 29 Satellites from Virginia Spaceport
Cygnus Mission Set to Wrap Up Oct. 23; Shutdown Nonissue for Virginia Spaceport

News from the 64th International Astronautical Congress | Backers Insist Brazilian Spaceport Is Nearing Launch Readiness


Alcantara Cyclone Space says an inaugural flight from the Brazilian Alcantara site likely will occur in 2015.

Launch Policy & Politics spaceportU.S. Congress
STPSat-3 Delivered to Wallops for Virginia Spaceport’s Fourth but Possibly Not Final Launch of 2013

NASA Wants More Spaceport Infrastructure Opened to Private Sector


An internal legislative wish-list shows that NASA is looking for ways to give private space companies more sway over critical national space infrastructure. 

Civil MissionsNASAspaceport
Stratolaunch Opens New Hangar at Calif. Spaceport
Guiana Spaceport Contract Renewed through 2017

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