News from Global Milsatcom | German Law Impedes Military’s Use of Satcom Bw Spacecraft with Allies


The legal restriction has made it difficult for Germany to take full advantage of its two Satcom Bw spacecraft during operations with allies.

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O3b Delays Launch to 2014 for Additional Spacecraft Testing
Spacecraft Glitch Mars LADEE’s otherwise Spectacular Nighttime Launch
NASA Solicits New Mission Ideas for Ailing Kepler Spacecraft

Spaceflight To Offer Rides on Own Spacecraft in 2015


Hosted payload broker Spaceflight Inc. took a step toward offering rides on its own satellite platform.

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Europe Tests Re-entry Tech for Reusable Spacecraft
Spotlight | Garvey Spacecraft Corp.

Shenzhou-10 Spacecraft Docks with Chinese Space Station


At 15 days in space, this mission is scheduled to be the longest spaceflight for a Chinese crew in the history of the country’s space program.

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VIDEO | Launch of Manned Chinese Shenzhou-10 Spacecraft


Peter Marquez has joined asteroid mining startup Planetary Resources as vice president for global engagement.

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USGS Takes Control of Landsat 8 Spacecraft for Five-Year Mission
Planet-Hunting Kepler Spacecraft Suffers Major Failure
NASA Considers Robotic Spacecraft Rendezvous as Asteroid Mission Backup
Scotland’s 1st Spacecraft Is Tiny Satellite with Big Mission
Commentary | Reinventing Space: Dramatically Reducing Space Mission Cost — Spacecraft Technology

VIDEO | Spacecraft Production at SSTL 2013


Raytheon's reorganization includes a new hierarchy for many of its space-related and missile defense products


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