NASA to hand off spacecraft communications to industry
Q&A | Saft’s Annie Sennet on future spacecraft batteries, satellite servicing
JAXA believes still possible to recover Hitomi
MMS Spacecraft Delivered for Prelaunch Processing
European Spacecraft Touches Down on Comet
NASA Soil-Mapping Spacecraft Delivered to Delta 2 Launch Site
NASA Spacecraft Enters Mars Orbit
Volunteers Will Try To Redirect Old NASA Spacecraft July 8
Boeing Revamps Spacecraft Design To Attract Commercial Business
Fundraisers Expect Green Light from NASA To Recover ’70s-Vintage Spacecraft
Military Space Quarterly | France Maneuvers Intel Satellite To Avoid Dead Weather Spacecraft

FAA Takes Early Steps To Accommodate Commercial Spacecraft in U.S. Airspace


The FAA is planning for the day when commercial aircraft and commercial spacecraft will share the same congested airspace on a daily basis.

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Sierra Nevada Completes ‘Incremental’ Critical Design Review of Dream Chaser Spacecraft

VIDEO | Marshall Spacecraft Design Practices


One of the key changes is that the new draft has made it amply clear that it is not in conflict with any of the existing treaties and conventions and that it is fully consistent with other U.N. instruments, including previous international legal instruments, declarations, principles and guidelines. 

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NASA Spacecraft Finds Bounty of Alien Planets


NASA’s find includes 104 worlds that could potentially support life.

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News from Global Milsatcom | German Law Impedes Military’s Use of Satcom Bw Spacecraft with Allies


The legal restriction has made it difficult for Germany to take full advantage of its two Satcom Bw spacecraft during operations with allies.

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O3b Delays Launch to 2014 for Additional Spacecraft Testing
Spacecraft Glitch Mars LADEE’s otherwise Spectacular Nighttime Launch
NASA Solicits New Mission Ideas for Ailing Kepler Spacecraft

Spaceflight To Offer Rides on Own Spacecraft in 2015


Hosted payload broker Spaceflight Inc. took a step toward offering rides on its own satellite platform.

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