Military Space USA 2021
Defence Space 2020 : Military Space: Mobilise, Modernise, Transform
Space Force, Air Force key tasks not being derailed by coronavirus
Space Force to deliver report to Congress on proposed changes to acquisitions
RAND study: U.S. Space Force has to define its mission
U.S. Space Force declares ‘offensive’ communications jammer ready for deployment
Space Force leaders concerned about quality of threat intelligence
Space Force’s 2021 budget plan is heavy on satellites and launch
Acquisition in state of confusion: Questions loom on the role of the Space Development Agency
Space Force officials defend plan to consider alternatives to a Space National Guard
U.S. Space Force budget projected to grow $2.6 billion over the next five years
Elon Musk calls on U.S. Space Force to embrace fully reusable rockets: ‘Make Starfleet happen’
Air Force Academy 2020 graduates will join U.S. Space Force
Space Force official: Transfers of military personnel to Space Force are strictly voluntary
Patrick AFB, Cape Canaveral soon to be renamed Space Force bases
U.S. military’s annual list of ‘unfunded priorities’ includes $1 billion for Space Force

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