Space Force taps Air Force Research Lab leader for key acquisition post
Raymond: Space Force in 2022 to focus on the design of a resilient architecture
Bluestaq gets new investor to fund growth in defense and space data management
Space Force signals demand for commercial weather data, but will the industry deliver?
Pentagon warns hundreds of programs in limbo until Congress passes full-year budget
Space Force on track to absorb Space Development Agency this fall
Launch ranges lack spare parts to support growing demand
Breakup of China’s Yunhai-1 (02) satellite linked to space debris collision
Space Force to take a fresh look at communications satellite needs
Space Force wants to help fund technologies to recycle, reuse or remove space debris
GAO raises more questions about DoD’s capabilities to monitor threats in space
Space Force eyes lower-cost sensors to monitor geostationary orbit
Space Force celebrates second anniversary as arms race in space heats up
U.S. military looking to build lasting relationships with commercial space industry
Op-ed | How the U.S. can quickly build greater resiliency in space
Space Force official: U.S. has a broad range of options to respond to space aggression
U.S. was not blindsided by Russia’s anti-satellite test, say officials
Changes ahead for Space Force procurement organizations
Three startups win prize money from U.S. Space Force accelerator
U.S. Air Force Secretary Kendall: Short-term funding an ‘unfortunate’ reality for defense programs

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