Space Force looking at U.S. needs for ‘responsive space’
NASA and Space Force cooperate on near Earth object data
Space Force looking at what it will take to refuel satellites in orbit
Space National Guard put on indefinite hold
Six bases selected as candidate locations for U.S. Space Force training command
Space Force looking to ease barriers to entry for commercial companies
Slingshot wins $25 million Space Force contract to develop digital twin of the space environment
NASA’s plant-growing technology could be used to produce food at military bases
Launch of U.S. Space Force missile-warning satellite delayed indefinitely
DoD wants ‘resilient’ space systems, but how to get there is still unclear
Space Force to reorganize its acquisition command to ‘focus on the threat’
Air Force Secretary: We’re worried about Russia but China is a bigger strategic threat
Kendall: Space ‘order of battle’ a top priority in U.S. defense budget and strategy
General Atomics and Orion Space win contracts for military weather satellites
Space Force procurement command trying to bring ‘unity of effort’ to space programs
Northrop Grumman wins $341 million Space Force contract to develop a deep-space tracking radar
Space Force to examine U.S. military needs for low-orbiting surveillance satellites
Space Force eager to invest in debris removal projects
Space Force soliciting industry ideas for thwarting cyber attacks
Space Force communications satellite WGS-11 clears critical design review

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