ESA moves two missions to Falcon 9
Falcon 9 leading candidate to launch European science mission
OneWeb takes $229 million charge for canceled Soyuz launches
NASA astronaut ready for Soyuz flight to ISS
NASA and Roscosmos nearing completion of seat barter agreement
NASA and Roscosmos continue seat barter discussions
NASA expects decisions on ISS crew swaps by June
ESA continues talks with NASA on ExoMars cooperation
NASA still working with Russia on ISS seat barter agreement
Soyuz returns astronaut and cosmonauts from space station
Arianespace and SpaceX work to adjust launch manifests
ESA weighs options for replacing Soyuz launches
ESA suspends work with Russia on ExoMars mission
Soyuz embargo strands satellites with limited launch options
Russia halts Soyuz launches from French Guiana
Arianespace looks to transitions of vehicles and business in 2022
Soyuz returns from private astronaut mission to the ISS
Roscosmos selects first cosmonaut for commercial crew flights
Soyuz launches Japanese private astronauts to ISS
Space Adventures no longer planning Crew Dragon flight

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