U.S. military is eager to take advantage of smallsats at scale if price is right
Vector Launch awarded its first U.S. Air Force mission
Air Force seeking new partner to complete work on experimental missile warning satellite
Air Force space modernization starts from the ground up
Air Force space buyers trying to make change happen
Air Force to continue to push back on proposed space launch legislation
Griffin’s assistant director for space named acting director of Space Development Agency
GAO sustains protest of $655 million Air Force satellite ground systems contract
How SMC 2.0 plans to buy the next generation of military satellites
Air Force SMC seeks to expand development testing
Air Force insists launch competition must stay on schedule
Atlas Space Operations wins Air Force antenna contract
Defense contractors see growth in space
Air Force just months away from completing SMC 2.0 reorganization
Is the Space Development Agency a threat to SMC?
Air Force official shakes things up at SMC

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