Air Force to schedule nine small launch missions in 2020
Air Force projects increased launch activity for 2020
Air Force soon to release revised launch solicitation in response to GAO’s ruling
WGS-10 communications satellite accepted into operational constellation
Air Force leaders seek to “flip the switch” on innovation
Air Force awards $9 million on first Space Pitch Day San Francisco
Air Force, NRO cubesats fly to International Space Station aboard Northrop Grumman resupply mission
Air Force claims accomplishments in Space C2 program in wake of critical report
Space companies to compete for $40 million pot at Air Force live pitch event
Air Force selects eight launch providers to compete for $986 million worth of orders
Air Force awards Aerospace Corp. $1.08 billion contract for space support services in FY20
Air Force confident NDAA will back its launch procurement strategy
Air Force space consortium funding could grow to $12 billion over the next decade
Air Force seeks new candidates to manage the Space Enterprise Consortium
Air Force cubesat successfully deployed from Atlas 5 upper stage
U.S. military is eager to take advantage of smallsats at scale if price is right

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