Military Space USA 2021
Military PNT 2021 (Virtual Conference)
After further review, Space Force confirms selection of NSTXL to manage industry consortium
Space Force’s small launch program looks to pick up pace after a year of delays
Space Force trying to change negative perceptions about military procurement
Lockheed Martin gets $511 million contract for two GPS satellites 
Space Force opens SpaceWERX technology accelerator in Los Angeles
Traditional launch services may not suit the needs of the future Space Force
Germany to become the first foreign military buyer of U.S. jam-resistant GPS receivers
SpaceX to transition to fully reusable fleet for national security launches
Aerospace Corp. seeks to license laser communications
Space Force official: Launch scrubs are no reason to despair
Space Force developing a digital strategy for designing and producing future satellites
SpaceX to explore ways to provide weather data to U.S. military
Space Force buyers make recruiting pitch to tech companies

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