Military Space USA 2021
Space Force to stand up three major commands, lower echelons to be called ‘deltas’
Space Force more receptive to reusable rockets as it continues to review SpaceX missions
Griffin’s departure stirs questions about the future of the Space Development Agency
SMC commander impressed by ‘technical maturity’ of newly developed U.S. rockets
ManTech gets $20 million contract extension for Space Force launch systems engineering
Space Force to get deeper insight into inner workings of SpaceX commercial launches
RAND finds risk in Air Force plan to support two launch companies
Space and Missile Systems Center releases RAND study of space launch market
To keep building rockets during pandemic, ULA had to ‘help the small guys’
U.S. Space Force deploying surveillance telescope in Australia
Palantir to provide data and software services to U.S. Space Force
Space Force reviewing bids for 10-year launch systems engineering contract
Space industry consortium concerned about financial health of small businesses
HASC Chairman: Space Force launch contracts should stay on schedule to help industrial base
Space Micro wins $3 million for laser communications terminal

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