U.S. launch companies not worried about Chinese competition
Commercial, not government, demand will drive size of small launch vehicle market
Investors seek disruptive space startups in an overcrowded market
Exolaunch and Virgin Orbit sign memorandum of understanding
Three companies selected for DARPA Launch Challenge
Relativity signs contract with Telesat for launching LEO constellation
Air Force touts deal with Rocket Lab as a new way of buying ‘affordable rides to space’
Small launch vehicle companies see rideshare as an opportunity and a threat
Air Force wants to become a bigger player in the small launch industry
ABL Space Systems increases performance and cuts price of its small launch vehicle
Rocket Lab to launch DARPA satellite
Relativity to build launch site at Cape Canaveral
Launcher takes long-term view of small launch market
Small launch vehicle industry entering key period
Rocket Lab raises an additional $140 million
Vector secures $70 million Series B round for small launch vehicle development

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