This is an artist's rendering of a cluster of cubesats and small satellites sent in orbit on a Russian Soyuz rocket by Exolaunch, the German launch services provider formerly known as ECM-Space. Credit: Exolaunch
DARPA Launch Challenge
Relativity Terran 1 launch Cape Canaveral
Electron ELaNa-19 launch
Virgin Orbit captive carry
Will Roper, Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics. Credit: U.S. Air Force
ABL Space Systems RS1
Electron ELaNa-19 launch
Relativity LC-16
Launcher illustration
Virgin Orbit LauncherOne
rocket Lab factory
Vector-R launch
Pegasus_Orbital02-e1462907386340 (1)
Hart and Schneider WSBW

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