Sen. Angus King: Cybersecurity a major concern in U.S. nuclear command-and-control system
Senate unanimously confirms Nelson as NASA administrator
Senate Commerce Committee advances Nelson nomination to lead NASA
Nelson sails through NASA administrator confirmation hearing
Widespread support for Nelson nomination to lead NASA
Perseverance landing wins broad political praise
Sen. Angus King to chair subcommittee that oversees DoD space programs
Democratic senators ask White House to continue Artemis lunar lander program
Biden’s Defense nominee embraces view of space as a domain of war
Congress overrides Trump’s veto and passes the National Defense Authorization Act
Senate passes NASA authorization act
Senate passes defense bill, sets up showdown with Trump
White House asks Congress to remove Europa Clipper SLS requirement
Senate committee advances NASA CFO nomination
Space traffic management bill clears Senate committee
Horn eyes space role in Biden administration
Senate bill offers NASA only a fraction of requested lunar lander funding
Senate defense appropriators take issue with agencies that buy launch services directly from providers
Key senator raises doubts about 2024 human lunar return
Former astronaut Mark Kelly wins Senate race in Arizona

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