New Worlds 2022
Congress passes NASA authorization bill
Draft Senate appropriations bill matches overall NASA request for fiscal year 2023
Senate NDAA directs independent review how the Space Force acquires technologies
NASA sees JWST success helping win agency support and funding
Senate Armed Services Committee proposes $45 billion funding boost for DoD
Manchin introduces bipartisan bill to establish Space National Guard
Senate rejects effort to strip NASA lunar lander provision from authorization bill
Nelson criticizes “plague” of cost-plus NASA contracts
Space Force leaders questioned on their plans to invest in technology and workforce
Senators make new push for NASA authorization bill
Congress passes the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act
NASA postpones ISS spacewalk because of debris
Senate appropriators frustrated with lack of progress on civil space traffic management
Senate appropriators direct NASA to select second Artemis lunar lander
Moran: two shots to increase NASA funding this year
Senate confirms NASA CFO
Senators push for action on space traffic management
Nelson asks Senate appropriators for more HLS funding
Senate passes NASA authorization act

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