Rescind the proposed budget cut for launching DARPA’s RSGS robotic servicing spacecraft
Startup plans “gas stations” for satellite servicing
Why Intelsat’s going with life extension over refueling
SSL aims to parlay NASA, DARPA work into viable in-orbit repair business
Orbital ATK’s giant leap into satellite servicing begins with baby steps
Orbital ATK, SSL and others are gearing up to make house calls to ailing satellites
In-orbit services poised to become big business
The Trump self-defense doctrine for the new space era
DARPA working group begins addressing concerns related to proximity operations and satellite servicing
Orbital ATK unveils new version of satellite servicing vehicle
Effective Space reserves ILS Proton rideshare for two satellite servicers
Judge rejects motion to dismiss SSL-Orbital ATK suit
Scientists and engineers push for servicing and assembly of future space observatories
FCC begins approval of Orbital ATK satellite-servicing mission for Intelsat-901
DARPA laying groundwork for growth in-space robotics
Senate restores funding for NASA Earth science and satellite servicing programs

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