Northrop Grumman “bullish but cautious” about satellite servicing
Xtar, Hisdesat weigh life extension for aging satellites
Intelsat-901 satellite, with MEV-1 servicer attached, resumes service
Orbit Fab gets award to test satellite refueling technology
Airbus impressed by Northrop Grumman, but remains undecided on satellite servicing 
Industry weighs government’s role in satellite servicing
Orbit Fab demonstrates satellite refueling technology on ISS
Tethers Unlimited developing satellite servicer for LEO missions
Astroscale raises $30 million, opens U.S. office in Denver
Thales Alenia Space mulls satellite servicing venture
Op-ed | A new mission for DARPA’s RSGS robotic spacecraft: satellite bodyguard
European Space Agency overhauls satellite servicer program
Orbit Fab to test refueling technology on ISS
Effective Space announces partnership with IAI for satellite servicing development
Rescind the proposed budget cut for launching DARPA’s RSGS robotic servicing spacecraft
Startup plans “gas stations” for satellite servicing

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