Industry group working on satellite servicing standards
Satellite servicing companies see different demand in LEO versus GEO
After technical demonstrations, satellite servicing grapples other issues
Astroscale complete first test of satellite capture technology
Lockheed Martin takes aim at satellite servicing market
Startup using Soviet-era technology to build satellite servicing vehicle
Orbit Fab and Benchmark Space Systems to partner on in-space refueling technologies
Op-ed | How to convince China and Russia to join a space traffic management program for peace and prosperity
Astroscale announces 2021 Soyuz launch of ELSA-d mission
Orbit Fab to launch first fuel tanker in 2021 with Spaceflight
New initiative to promote satellite servicing and in-space assembly technologies
Satellite servicing industry seeks interface standards
Northrop Grumman “bullish but cautious” about satellite servicing
Xtar, Hisdesat weigh life extension for aging satellites
Intelsat-901 satellite, with MEV-1 servicer attached, resumes service
Orbit Fab gets award to test satellite refueling technology
Airbus impressed by Northrop Grumman, but remains undecided on satellite servicing 
Industry weighs government’s role in satellite servicing
Orbit Fab demonstrates satellite refueling technology on ISS
Tethers Unlimited developing satellite servicer for LEO missions

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