Iceye hired Leola Moss as its new vice president for product delivery and operations, and Steve Young as its new vice president for business development and sales. Credit: Iceye
ICEYE's future Synthetic-Aperture Radar constellation, shown in this illustration, will be designed to gather imagery of any point on Earth with an average revisit time of three hours. Credit: ICEYE
Capella Space SAR satellite
Geospatial analytics startup PlanetWatchers worked with Airbus Defense and Space Intelligence and a large pulp and paper company to produce a report on early detection of drought and disease in Eucalyptus forests. In the image (right) areas of growth are green. Areas of leaf loss are red. Credit: Airbus and PlanetWatchers
Capella Space
Airbus-Planet signature
Oxford Space Systems
HawkEye360 is about to launch its first cluster satellites to track ships via their radio signals. Credit: HawkEye360
This is an artist's rendering of ICEYE-X2, a satellite ICEYE plans to launch on Space Exploration Technology's rideshare mission to Sun Synchronous Orbit. ICEYE's X2 antenna is twice the size of its antennas for X1, the first satellite the Finnish company launched in January. Credit: ICEYE
As MDA joins the Maxar Technologies’ family, which includes DigitalGlobe with its WorldView constellation, “we are looking at how to unlock the market that can benefit from the combined use of RadarSat and optical WorldView imagery in ways that were not envisioned before or were difficult to achieve from two independent companies,” said Dave Belton, vice president of MDA’s Geospatial Services Group. Credit: MDA
The 70-kilogram ICEYE-X1 satellite launched Jan. 12 on a PSLV rocket carrying India’s Cartosat-2 and 30 smaller satellites. Credit: ICEYE artist's concept
Iceye launched its first commercial microsatellite in January. This is an image of Silicon Valley. Credit: Iceye
Iceye plans to use airborne and space-based Synthetic Aperture Radar to gather Earth imagery day, night and through clouds.
Artist's rendering of Capella Space's synthetic aperture radar cubesat. Credit: Capella Space
A footprint of the area that was captured the morning Aug. 26 as Hurricane Harvey was underway. Credit: Ursa

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