NRO plans for immediate and long-term acquisition of commercial satellite data
Capella raises $97 million to expand radar constellation
Capella unveils automated tasking products
Synspective raises $100 million Series B round
Ursa Space raises $16 million in Series C round
Canada answers Ukraine’s call for satellite radar imagery 
“Nothing to share”: South Korean firm turns down Ukrainian request for satellite imagery
EOS Data Analytics issues urgent plea for imagery of Ukraine
Iceye raises $136 million in Series D round
Iceye to provide satellite for MDA radar constellation
China’s SAR satellite surge continues with new constellation plan
NASA considers innovative business model for $500 million Earth Science campaign
Iceye and U.S. Army forge collaborative research pact
Capella to work with U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Technical Center
Iceye officially joins Copernicus Earth-observation Program
National Reconnaissance Office releases solicitation for commercial space radar imagery
NGA plans annual survey of international Earth imagery leaders
Chinese partnership to create Tianxian SAR satellite constellation
Analyst uses radar imagery to shed additional light on Chinese missile sites
NRO to tap commercial industry for space-based radar data

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