D-Orbit consortium radar satellite to monitor infrastructure
Capella wins Air Force small business contract
Ursa raises $15 million in Series B funding round
Iceye and RS Metrics sign pact to track iron ore inventories
Noosphere Venture campaign begins coming together with radar constellation
Umbra emerges from stealth mode with plans to offer 25-centimeter radar at optical imagery prices
Iceye’s one-meter Spotlight becomes commercially available
Iceye signs pacts with ST Engineering Geo-Insights of Singapore
KSAT and Iceye extend radar data partnership
Iceye releases stereo images from satellites launched in July
Capella joins SpaceNet, shares first radar data with consortium
Iceye reveals radar imagery of less than one meter resolution
Japanese SAR startup Synspective reaches $100 million in funding
Iceye and KSAT join forces to speed up radar image delivery
Ursa expands partnership with Iceye for radar data
Esri brings new satellite data, tools into platforms

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