Lockheed Martin and Maxar win weather satellite contracts
GeoOptics, PlanetIQ and Spire to supply NOAA with space weather data
Microsoft, Xplore and NOAA demonstrate cloud-based satellite operations
Op-ed | FAA Overregulation Threatens America’s Future in Commercial Space
Ball and Raytheon to develop NOAA ocean sensors
Ball and Raytheon win weather instrument study contracts
Tomorrow.io on track for 2024 weather constellation
NOAA seeks input on new satellite sensors and digital twin
Omnibus bill cuts funding for future weather satellites
Atlas 5 launches GOES-T weather satellite
GOES-T nears launch as NASA plans studies of next-generation weather satellite
NOAA seeking information on commercial space situational awareness data
Office of Space Commerce rolls out prototype space catalog for traffic management
GOES-T launch preparations underway
NOAA to move new weather satellite quickly into position
NOAA seeks continuity of space weather observations
Four NASA Earth Science missions to launch in 2022
Albedo wins license to sell 10-centimeter imagery
Senate appropriators frustrated with lack of progress on civil space traffic management
Ball Aerospace and L3Harris win weather instrument study contracts

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