Brandywine Photonics conducts design study of constellation of hundreds of small weather satellites
NOAA’s former satellite now providing weather data to the U.S. military
NOAA surveys market for commercial weather data sources
Webinar Replay | NOAA’s Future Satellite Architecture
NOAA issues solicitation for commercial radio occultation data
U.S. government to allow sale of high-resolution commercial satellite images of Israel
Just in time for severe weather: Radio occultation data feeds NOAA weather models
Southwest Research Institute wins NOAA contract to build space weather instrument
L3Harris wins NOAA weather constellation study contracts
Ball Aerospace wins NOAA weather instruments study contracts
NOAA to buy commercial radio occultation data for operations
ASTRA wins contract to study weather cubesat constellation
Ball Aerospace wins NOAA space weather contract
Xplore wins NOAA contract to study commercial solar observatory
Raytheon wins NOAA contract for infrared sounder study
Maxar studies Legion spacecraft for NOAA weather mission

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