Acting NOAA leader stresses importance of public-private partnerships
NOAA signals strong appetite for radio occultation
NOAA set to update space weather fleet
House panel approves space weather bill
NOAA to complete transition to next-generation GOES weather satellites
NASA Earth Science leaders anticipate low-cost launch options
Decommissioned Earth science satellite to remain in orbit for centuries
Software fix planned to restore DSCOVR
NOAA weather satellite transferred to U.S. Air Force
NOAA seeks to “kick the tires” on new instruments, mission concepts
GOES-17 instrument problem blamed on blocked heat pipe
Fresh $18.7 million funding round puts PlanetiQ weather constellation back on track
DSCOVR spacecraft in safe mode
FCC dismisses studies of potential 5G interference with satellite weather observations
COSMIC-2 weather data key to better forecasts, NOAA says

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