House Armed Services Committee approves Space National Guard, challenges DoD on space programs
Kendall reorganizes Space Force acquisition office,  wants faster merger with Space Development Agency
House panel wants details on Space Force plans to upgrade launch infrastructure
Congress overrides Trump’s veto and passes the National Defense Authorization Act
House overrides Trump’s veto of the National Defense Authorization Act
Defense bill prospects unclear as House prepares to override Trump’s veto
Senate passes defense bill, sets up showdown with Trump
House passes massive defense policy bill by veto-proof majority
NDAA negotiators reach agreement, bill headed for House and Senate votes
Senate passes NDAA, removes section on national security space launch
House passes NDAA, White House threatens veto
HASC amendments question space acquisition reforms, challenge DoD plans to procure new systems
Smith encouraged by Senate NDAA proposal to increase funding for space launch technology
HASC Chairman adds $150 million in NDAA for space launch technology development
SASC NDAA authorizes $250 million for Air Force R&D partnerships with launch industry

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