HASC strategic forces draft bill presses DoD on space procurements, use of commercial tech
Senate Armed Services advances NDAA, Space Force acquisition reforms not included
Political fight continues over Air Force launch services procurement
Senate Armed Services Committee to conduct ‘paper hearings’ during pandemic
Trump signs defense bill establishing U.S. Space Force: What comes next
Space Force proponents in Congress warn Air Force: ‘We will watch you like a hawk’
NDAA conference agreement establishes U.S. Space Force, directs major overhaul of space acquisitions
Air Force leaders enthused as Space Force legislation heads to House floor
HASC Chairman: Legislation to create a Space Force in 2020 ‘still possible but by no means guaranteed’
Pentagon presses case for Space Force amid political uncertainty
White House pushes back on Senate language on Space Force, missile defense satellites
Top SASC Democrat sees momentum building for a space force
Thornberry: Pentagon will not have its way in space force legislation
Space Force legislative talks at impasse over personnel issues, cost concerns
House passes NDAA, keeps HASC chairman Smith’s space launch reforms alive
White House challenges HASC Space Corps language, strongly objects to space launch provisions in NDAA
Air Force preparing for space reorganization as Senate advances NDAA
Smith to continue to press for change in national security space launch program
House Armed Services’ space launch legislation revised in 11th-hour deal
Machinists union mobilizing to defeat HASC chairman’s space launch legislation

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