New tri-agency office to coordinate U.S. missile-defense space programs
Lockheed Martin proposes multi-layer space network for missile defense
War in Ukraine underscores need for missile defense upgrade
DoD estimates $2.5 billion price tag for global constellation to track hypersonic missiles
DoD decommissions two missile-tracking satellites after 12 years in orbit
Congress gives DoD more money for space, with caveats
L3Harris’ missile-tracking satellites pass critical design reviews
On National Security | Russia showed it can attack. Is U.S. Space Force ready to defend?
Space Development Agency to acquire 28 missile-tracking satellites to launch in late 2024
Valley Tech Systems wins $94 million missile defense contract
Space Force general: U.S. has a lot of catching up to do on hypersonic missile technology
Northrop Grumman’s missile-tracking satellite passes critical design review
Millennium Space sees opportunities in missile defense satellites
L3Harris’ missile-tracking satellites pass early design review
L3Harris opens manufacturing facility in Indiana for DoD missile-defense satellites
Hyten: To counter hypersonic missiles DoD needs ‘overhead sensors that see everything’ 
U.S. Army space commander concerned about disruptions to satellites
DoD experiment flying to International Space Station to collect data for missile-tracking sensors
Missile Defense Agency confirms deployment of cubesats launched by Virgin Orbit
Space Force, DoD agencies planning multi-orbit sensor network to track hypersonic missiles

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