Northrop Grumman and L3Harris to build sensor satellites for Missile Defense Agency
Anti-war groups take aim at Space Force, ICBMs, missile defense
Space Development Agency to deploy hypersonic missile defense satellites by 2022
Space startup developing technology to detect hypersonic missiles
Missile Defense Agency selects four companies to develop space sensors
Pentagon seeking proposals for how to use sensors in space to quickly target enemy missiles
Pentagon’s Missile Defense Review unenthusiastic about Star Wars weapons
Next steps for the Pentagon’s new space sensors for missile defense
Trump unveils Missile Defense Review, promises funding for space sensors in 2020
Is Space Sensor Layer the Pentagon’s next major space program?
Defense policy chief: Weapons in space are ‘bridges yet to be crossed’
SN Military.Space | Who’s who in the national security space workforce • Doubts raised about cost of Space Force • U.S., Brazil to share space data
SN Military.Space | Space Force a political football • The next big thing in space missile defense • How to make satellites ‘defendable’
U.S. would need a mega-constellation to counter China’s hypersonic weapons
SN Military.Space | Space reorganization: Reform fatigue already? • SMD Symposium underway in Huntsville • DARPA soon to announce Blackjack winners

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