Astronomers back technical efforts to reduce impacts of satellite megaconstellations while seeking regulatory solutions
Connecting the Dots | Assessing top-down pollution
FCC approves Starlink license modification
China is developing plans for a 13,000-satellite megaconstellation
OneWeb raises $400 million
OneWeb slashes size of future satellite constellation
FCC grants permission for polar launch of Starlink satellites
Viasat asks FCC to perform environmental review of Starlink
OneWeb optimistic about raising the funding needed to complete its constellation
Aerospace Corp. raises questions about pollutants produced during satellite and rocket reentry
OneWeb emerges from Chapter 11 with new CEO
OneWeb ready to emerge from Chapter 11
Telesat remains optimistic about prospects for LEO constellation
Bankruptcy court approves OneWeb sale
Falcon 9 launch adds 60 Starlink satellites to orbit as constellation beta testing continues
Report outlines measures to reduce impact of satellite constellations on astronomy
Amazon’s Kuiper constellation gets FCC approval
LEO constellations still held to high bar in FCC rural broadband subsidy program
Astronomers warn about effects of other satellite megaconstellations
SpaceX launches eighth Starlink mission, first VisorSat satellite

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