A CASC news conference in Beijing Jan. 29, 2019. Credit: CASC.
A scale re-entry module for a next-generation Chinese crewed spacecraft that launched in 2016. Launch of a full-scale model is on tap for 2019. Credit: CASC
China Space Station
Taiyuan Long March-4b Gaofen-11
Liquid rocket engine test firing in a ravine near Xi’an, north China (Credit: CCTV 9/Youtube/Framegrab)
The 13th National People's Conference wrapped up its first legislative session March 20 in Beijing. Credit: Xinhua/Wang Ye
Long March 5's return to flight mission, expected around November, will carry a telecommunications satellite based on the DFH-5 bus, the successor to the DFH-4 show above. Credit: CAST