Newest Landsat Satellite Returns First Images
Editorial | Enjoy Landsat 8 — While It Lasts
NASA’s Landsat 5 Satellite Sets Guinness World Record
Researchers Await Bounty of Imagery from Landsat 8

SN Blog | Landsat: What a Long Strange Trip it’s Been


Today’s launch of the Landsat Data Continuity Mission, soon to be known as Landsat 8, was a long time coming.

How Landsat’s Launch Will Improve Environmental Monitoring
USGS Chief To Step Down Following Landsat 8 Launch

Long-overdue Landsat Will Put Ground System to the Test


Demand for free Landsat Earth imaging data “continues to grow and continues to grow.”

Civil LandsatMissions
Newest Landsat Readied for Launch as Oldest Nears End of Mission
Orbital, NASA Hit New Snags on Landsat Development Program
USGS Seeks $53M for Landsat Operations

Editorial: The Continuity of Landsat Uncertainty


It is an oft-quoted saying that those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. A lack of historical perspective would explain why the U.S. Congress appears intent on steering the nation’s civilian land imaging program down an all-too-familiar path to instability.

U.S. Government Looking To Lower Landsat Costs
For Landsat Observations, Data Continuity Remains Key
Landsat 5 Shows Signs of Impending Failure

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