Atlas 5 launches Landsat 9
Liquid nitrogen shortage delays Landsat 9 launch
Landsat Next likely to bear little resemblance to its predecessors
Descartes Labs forms imagery partnership with Airbus
Next Landsat spacecraft would launch two years sooner under White House plan
House, Senate Bills Deny Funds for Landsat Backup Capability
Landsat 9 Office Opens at Goddard; Procurement Decisions Loom
NASA Official: A Landsat 8 Clone Would Cost More Than $650 Million

VIDEO | Peeling Back Landsat’s Layers of Data


MDA Corp. said it reduced its debt in 2013 and will now turn its focus to growth including acquisitions.

Civil Landsat
Landsat Users Revisit Old Debates as White House Awaits Sustainability Plan
USGS Official Makes Case for a Landsat Block Buy
New NRC Report Calls for Sustained Landsat Program
Taking a Cue from U.S. Landsat and GPS Programs, Europe Permits Free Access to Sentinel Earth Observation Data
USGS Issues Final Command to Landsat 5
USGS Takes Control of Landsat 8 Spacecraft for Five-Year Mission
Despite Past Failures, NASA Again Pursuing Landsat Alternative
Newest Landsat Satellite Returns First Images
Editorial | Enjoy Landsat 8 — While It Lasts
NASA’s Landsat 5 Satellite Sets Guinness World Record
Researchers Await Bounty of Imagery from Landsat 8

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