Kepler mission declares spacecraft emergency
Kepler’s Shaw Prize Winner Once in NASA’s Dog House
NASA’s Kepler Craft Begins New Search for Alien Worlds
Kepler Finds First Earth-sized Planet in Habitable Zone
Kepler Scientist Pushes Extended Mission for Crippled Space Telescope ahead of NASA Senior Review
International Exoplanet Telescope Could Follow Kepler, Astronomer Tells Lawmakers
Hobbled Kepler May Resume Alien World Search
Hobbled Kepler Needs New Mission Before 2014 Review
NASA Solicits New Mission Ideas for Ailing Kepler Spacecraft
Kepler Should Achieve Goal Despite Glitch, Researchers Say
NASA To Attempt To Revive Stricken Kepler Telescope in July
Kepler’s Legacy Secure; Extended Mission in Doubt
Planet-Hunting Kepler Spacecraft Suffers Major Failure

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Kepler Reaction Wheel Problem Seen as Unsolvable


One of the planet-hunting Kepler space telescope’s reaction wheels — devices that maintain the observatory’s position in space — remains balky despite mitigation attempts. 

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