Kepler’s decision to build its own cubesats surprises manufacturers
SpaceX gets OK to re-space Starlink orbits
FCC approves SpaceX, Telesat, LeoSat and Kepler internet constellations
Dawn mission to asteroid belt ends
Kepler planet hunter ends operations after exhausting fuel
NASA’s Dawn and Kepler missions near their ends
Kepler resumes operations despite malfunctioning thruster
Kepler spacecraft back in safe mode as fuel runs low
TESS begins science observations
Kepler to co-develop third satellite with UK’s Satellite Applications Catapult
Kepler in safe mode amid concerns spacecraft is running out of fuel
Kepler’s first satellite hitched ride on last week’s Long March 11 launch
NASA astronomy missions pass senior review
No long-term effects from Kepler spacecraft anomaly
Kepler resumes science operations
Kepler mission declares spacecraft emergency
Kepler’s Shaw Prize Winner Once in NASA’s Dog House
NASA’s Kepler Craft Begins New Search for Alien Worlds
Kepler Finds First Earth-sized Planet in Habitable Zone
Kepler Scientist Pushes Extended Mission for Crippled Space Telescope ahead of NASA Senior Review

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